Wiley X frames are ideal for tactical use, making them a favorite of our military and elite law enforcement. Developed through continuous feedback from the U.S. military, they are constantly being upgraded and tested. Wiley X lenses meet the ballistic standards of being shatterproof even when shot by a projectile at 640 feet a second.

These tactical frames are also available in your prescription.

Wiley X also offers their Climate Control Series, popular among motorcyclists. The Climate Control Series is available with a removable foam gasket that acts as a protective sealant around the eyes, blocking out wind, dust and debris as you ride. These motorcycling frames range in price from $80 to $135 depending on whether or not you choose to get the transitional lenses, which change automatically with outdoor lighting conditions.

Wiley X, a great addition to your sunglass collection.

Download this video (MP4):

Wiley X Sunglasses (right click and “save as”)

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