Vogue VO 2658 Eyeglasses

Vogue VO 2658 Eyeglasses

Hi! I’m Shelley, product manager for FramesDirect.com, and today our operations manager, Craig, turned me on to these beautiful eyeglasses.

It is the Vogue model 2658 frames.

Vogue is a wonderful line that is inspired by a lot of retro designs. This is one of them. Vogue also offers a very reasonable price point. So, if you want something that is beautiful and stylish at a very reasonable price, the Vogue line is a wonderful line to consider.

The frame is 2658, and it is just gorgeous. There are a lot of color combinations available. The frame comes with spring hinges or comfort. You will have to do minimal adjustments, which is really nice for long-time use.

The temples of the Vogue VO 2658 Eyeglasses have the Vogue logo on them on both sides, and has a great double silver detailing, which is very beautiful.

I really am fascinated by the frame color of the Vogue VO 2658 Eyeglasses. Like I said, there are a bunch of different options available, but this one is called violet. It blends on the front. The color goes from a solid violet color all the way down to clear, so you see the clear frame color that is on the backside of the frame and the bottom. You can see that on the temples as well. If you turn it sideways, you can see that it is clear. It gives you that beautiful purple violet color and the combination with the clear, so it is really very nice.

Give on our certified opticians a call. We can put you into this frame or the right one for you. We really enjoy frame styling people. We’ve been doing it for years and years. We can do everything from measure your pupil distance to figure out what frame size you should be wearing. We can figure out what your face shape is, so we can put you in the right pair of glasses. We want to learn about your lifestyle, so we can put you in something that is going to work for what you’re doing with it. So, give us a call. We’re happy to help you out.


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