Dr. Dhavid Cooper: One of the questions we get asked that perhaps you could answer is what makes Serengeti so perfect for driving?

Todd Butsch, Serengeti Rep: Serengeti lenses are perfect for driving simply because they were built to enhance yellows, reds and greens which are the colors that are used mostly in driving.

Dr. Dhavid Cooper: Are all Serengetis polarized?

Todd Butsch, Serengeti Rep: Some are polarized, not all. The choice is whether you want them polarized or not. They are all photochromic, so they all lighten and darken depending on what the intensity of the sun is. They all have an anti-reflective back coating to eliminate back side glare that comes from the cheeks. This particular piece that I am showing is new. It’s got a new enamel that we use. It’s got a leather-like look and feel. We use a beta titanium. This is called S-Flex. You get all of the action of a spring-loaded hinge with no moving parts. Nothing to wear out. It’s a lighter product as well.

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