Hi, I’m Shelly, product manager for FramesDirect.com and today I wanted to introduce you to one of the premier luxury brands that we have on our website which is Prada. These are Prada sunglasses that I am wearing right now, the Prada PR 02OS.

Prada started in 1913. Mario Prada opened the company selling leather goods, handbags, shoes and by 1979 it really came into its own being a true luxury brand with a variety of merchandise that anyone who wants to be in style is very well aware of.

Prada has a reputation for their devotion to technology, innovation, design and impeccable quality, so if you are looking for sunglasses that are high quality, that just exude contemporary luxury, Prada is the perfect brand.


Download this video (MP4): Prada Luxury Sunglasses

Video: Prada Sunglasses: High Quality, Contemporary Luxury

Prada Sunglasses Video | A reputation for devotion to technology, innovation, design and impeccable quality. For eyewear that exudes contemporary luxury, think Prada.

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