Police 8640 Sunglasses

Police 8640 Sunglasses

Hello everyone, I’m Craig Moore, operations manager for FramesDirect.com. You’re looking at the Police 8640 Sunglasses. How cool are these? These are the gold with the brown. You can also get them with a black frame and gray lenses, which are also polarized.

Of course, the infamous Police logo here is nicely styled – not too gaudy or anything on the side, just a nice, classy look.

They feel comfortable. They are very well crafted, made out of monel, and Police makes only the best products from Italy.

Call one of our opticians today. We’d be glad to have you on the phone. You can even upload a photo of yourself and we can measure which sunglass or eyewear would be best for you. We do this thousands of times a year. We’d love to hear from you.

Let’s have some fun. Give us a call at 1-800-248-9427 today.

You can check out the entire Police Sunglasses and Police Eyeglasses catalogs online. Also see Introducing Police Eyewear.

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