Persol PO 0649 Sunglasses

Persol PO 0649 Sunglasses

Hi, I’m Shelly, our product manager, and today I wanted to introduce you to one of the most premier fashion brands that we have on the site. It’s Persol and the Persol PO 0649 Sunglasses in particular.

It’s a great men’s frame, which is why I’m not wearing it, but it’s a wonderful frame that has the unique keyhole bridge, which is really nice. And one thing that is amazing about Persol frames that’s different from any other brand is they have this Meflecto System in their temples and it’s basically two rods that are situated side by side and that allows the temple to bend. So, it’s not in the hinge, it’s actually on the temple itself, which is really, really cool and it allows for greater flexibility. Persol has just thought of everything with this frame and all of their frames.

This particular lens is not polarized, but there are other lens options with this frame that are polarized. This is also available in prescription, so if you want to have your prescription sunglasses with great style, the Persol PO 0649 Prescription Sunglasses may be the right one for you.

Please contact one of our certified opticians today. We are happy to frame style you, make sure this is just the right frame for you and get your prescription sunglasses out to you as soon as possible.

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