Persol Eyewear Frames Model 3044V

Persol Eyewear Frames Model 3044V

Hi, I’m Craig, the operations manager for Today you’re looking at the Persol eyewear frames model 3044V. It is very lightweight because it is made out of high quality acetate. It has the adjustable nose pads, which you cannot find on a lot of the plastic fronts. This helps out whenever you need comfort adjustments and when you’re measuring for that multi-focal lens.

You can put your prescription in here, including progressive lenses, which are the no-line bifocals. You can also include single vision lenses and even sunglass lenses that are polarized. You can customize this frame to make it just like what you want.

It comes in two eye sizes. I am wearing the fifty 50 eye size here, and it also comes in fifty-two 52. Persol is very well known and is distinguished in style and quality.

Give one of our opticians a call today at 1-800-248-9427. You can upload a photo and have some fun making sure we get just the right fit and just the right style of Persol for you.

Check out the entire Persol Eyeglass Frames Collection online.

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