Persol PO 2407S Sunglasses

Persol PO 2407S Sunglasses

Hi everyone, I’m Craig, operations manager for and you’re looking at the Persol 2407S Sunglasses, a very well made frame. Of course, you know that Persol is very well known for their attention to detail and fashion.

Instead of having a spring hinge in the temple, they have these two silver rods. It’s the Meflecto System that allows the temple to flex a little bit higher or further back on the temple.

The lenses are polarized and what that does is when light bounces off of a flat surface, it creates polarized light. These lenses are going to filter out that bad light and let only the good light in. The vision in these are phenomenal.

In addition to that, on the back of these lenses is an anti-reflective treatment. What that does is when any light comes in from the back of the lens while you are wearing it is tramsitted right on through so that it doesn’t create any reflection.

Call one of our opticians today, very well versed and very well trained, we do this thousands of time a year where we upload a photo, get just the right fit, just the right color for you. Give us a call today.

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