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Oakley Evade Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Oakley Evade Prescription Eyeglass Frames

I’m Craig Moore, FramesDirect.com operations manager. Today you’re looking at Oakley prescription (RX) eyewear. These are the Oakley Evade Prescription Frames.

You can put single vision lenses in here, multifocal lenses, or even no-line bifocal lenses. The rimless look here is outstanding, and it is connected with Oakley’s rimless taper lock. It has adjustable nose pads, which makes it very comfortable and easy to fit for those have multifocal lenses. The Unobtainium ear socks have a performance grip that activates whenever you perspire during strenuous activities. It is also great for comfort and allows for fewer adjustments with the spring hinges. They are made with durable 100% titanium, and it is truly an awesome frame. It has a great profile and of course has the Oakley quality we all know and love.

So, call one of our opticians today at 1-800-248-9427. They are very skilled in frame styling. You can upload a photo, and when you give us a call we’ll be happy to frame style you.

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