When light passes through a standard prescription lens, only about 90% of the light actually goes through the lens. The other 10% is scattered off of the front surface of the lens.

Non-glare or anti-reflective coatings solve this problem and allow up to 99% of light to pass through the lens, resulting in sharper vision, improved night driving and a better looking pair of glasses.

The premium anti-reflective coating that we offer at FramesDirect.com is our proprietary brand called DuraClear. It has a super-hydrophobic coating that makes it resistant to water and smudges and easy to wipe clean with any cloth.

Lenses with DuraClear are also highly scratch resistant, increasing the durability and prolonging the life of your eyewear.

The end result is smudge and scratch resistant lenses that scatter less light so that your eyes experience less fatigue.

To get DuraClear on your glasses, click the DuraClear option in the add-on section of the Lens Selection page.

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