Olver White and Jese Wejebe talk about the unmatched clarity of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.


Beyond polarized.

Oliver White: I’m Oliver White. I live in the Bahamas. I run a couple of fishing lodges there and I’m a Costa Pro and I’ve spent my life on the water. The most important piece of gear you have are your glasses. You’re out there all day and you’re looking and if you can’t find them, you can’t catch them. The big is that all polarized glasses aren’t equal and the Costas are the best things out there.

Travis Owens: One of the things that make Costas Costas, or makes the Costa lens unique over anyone else would probably, obviously, have to be the technology and the time and the craftsman ships that goes into actually making the lenses themselves.

Oliver White: These 580 lenses, you can wear them all day without eye fatigue.

Travis Owens: We’re one of the only manufacturers who actually cuts all of our own lenses at our facility. So there’s a lot of time an effort that goes into each pair.

Oliver White: At the end of the day you’re eyes feel fresh and you can do it again the next day.

Joseph Wejebe: The real magic, I think, happens when you put them on. Things don’t just appear darker. They just appear more vibrant. You know, I just can’t say enough good things about them. They are the best lenses that I’ve ever used for actually seeing things in the water.

Travis Owens: The 580 basically kills the yellow light within the visible light spectrum. It will boost those reds, those greens, those blues giving you better color contrast. That’w what really sets Costa apart from everyone else.

Oliver White: You spend your time outside and you get to see things that other people don’t get to see. That’s as epic as it gets and that’s what it’s all about.


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