Costa Del Mar are specifically designed for water and outdoor sports. They were recently voted best in show at Eye Cast and are known for their 100% polarization, UVA and UVB protection.

Costa Del Mar lenses come in either a Wave 400 or a Wave 580 lens material, both of which reduce glare and screen out yellow light, providing greater eye comfort.

The Wave 580 lenses also allow fishermen to see three or four feet further into the water with unsurpassed clarity. What is especially impressive is that the lenses are also made to repel water and the frame itself fits so perfectly that you forget you have them on.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses can also be made with a prescription. And there is a prescription sunglass link on our site that will take you directly to the Costa Del Mar Prescription Sunglasses collection.

The prices for the regular sunglasses, not including a prescription,  range from $119 to $269, depending on the frame material, lens material and spring hinge options you choose.

Download this video (MP4):

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses (right click and “save as”)

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