Costa Sunglasses

Costa Sunglasses

Hello, everyone. I’m Craig Moore, operations manager for, and I’m wearing Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. These are specifically designed for the fishing enthusiast, whether it’s fresh water fishing or salt water fishing. Both of those have their unique challenges.

These are specifically designed to give each and every true-blooded angler that edge to get that big catch.

From custom made lens treatments and designs to state of the art lens manufacturing process, you’re going to get the best clarity, the best vision.

Costa Del Mar also allows some of the most difficult prescriptions to be added to these frames.

A problem with these is actually going to be a problem you like. It’s trying to decide on a lens color combination and frames designs. It’s really fun to choose through those frames and the mirror coatings and on various lens combinations. These are tough, rugged and they hold up to your fishing lifestyle or just for the person who wants to walk around in some cool sunglasses.

Contact one of our opticians today at 1-800-248-9427. We have a lot of fun frame styling and sunglass-styling thousands of faces a year. Give us a call.

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