Costa Del Mar Fishing Sunglasses: The Perfect Fit

Craig Morrisey – Daytona Fishing Guide: I remember the first pair of Costas I ever purchased. I got a pair that fit perfectly to my face and that has made the glasses even that much more powerful and useful tool in what I do every day.

Oliver White – Professional Angler: A good pair of glasses, you can leave them on all day and you don’t even realize they’re there. The just kind of become a part of you.

Travis Owens – Director of Sales, Costa: One of the questions that we always get from everyone is “What’s the best pair for me?” What fits you, what’s comfortable and what do you like?

Rick Murphy – Professional Angler: At the end of the day you don’t have these little ground out places in your nose from a nose piece that’s digging into you.

Travis Owens – Director of Sales, Costa: We have a rubberize material called Hydrolite. When it gets a little wet, it gets tacky and it will grab so it won’t slide off your face. If you’re leaning over the boat to try to tag a sailfish, you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling off into the ocean.

Rick Murphy – Professional Angler: We didn’t have all these things to hold our glasses onto our head. We used a piece on mono filament tied it onto the end of the ear piece. The soft ear pieces that we have are all a part of what makes the glasses so special.

Travis Owens – Director of Sales, Costa: There’s no way that a consumer should be able to look at the Costa line and say “I couldn’t find something that I want that fits me.”

Costa: See What’s Out There.

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