Candies C India Eyeglass Frames

Candies C India Eyeglass Frames

Hi, I’m Shelley the product manager for, and today I am wearing the Candie’s frame called C India. That’s the letter “C” India. Nice play on words.

This frame is really fun. It comes in three color combinations. This one is black and glitter, and the thing that makes it so fun is that it has this really great leopard print pattern on the temples. The Candie’s logo is here in silver, and it is really nice and subtle. The front of the Candies C India Eyeglass Frames is also really interesting. It has a striped pattern, which you probably cannot see too well in the video, but when you see it up close it’s really neat. It has a smoky black / grey front, but then it little striations with glitter in them. It’s really, really neat; it’s beautiful. It has a nice cat-eye shape and spring hinges, which are great for comfort and fit. It is just a great, fun frame, so you can look professional and still have a little bit of flair.

Please contact one of our certified opticians today. We are happy to help get you into this pair of glasses or something else that might be more your style. Candie’s is a great brand, and you can have a lot of fun with it, so please contact us today. We’ll be happy to frame style you and get your into just the right pair.

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