Selecting lenses for your glasses is easy at

Selecting lenses for your glasses is easy at

Adding optical lenses to your order is easy! Start by selecting your lens type – Single Vision for distance or reading, Progressive or Bifocal Lenses.

Single Vision is the term used to describe a lens that has a single power. In other words, a non-bifocal lens. These are the lenses that most of us use for driving, every day vision, reading glasses or computer use.

The other option is Progressive or Multifocal Lenses. In the last 20-25 years, advances in optical lens technology have allowed us to create a lens that can focus both far and near without any bifocal line. These lenses are called Progressive or No-Line Bifocal.

Even if you don’t know your prescription, you can still make a lens selection. One of our online opticians at will verify your prescription and review your lens selection with you.

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